Welcome to my blogs world, I am a happy soul and a travcationer who loves vacationing and now exploring the joy of traveling!!!

About Random Writings…

Write from your heart, write from your Soul, Be yourself, Be you !!!

Sometimes when I do not travel and taking care of my daughter and family, some random thoughts keeps on passing thru my mind as clouds passing thru the sky. so at times I just picked one cloud, name it and let it float freely away in the sky. To pen down is the best way I found for letting or vent out the things. Do no judgments, because the thoughts are temporary, they are not me , they are not who I am. They Just are – A moment. A feeling.

Random writing is a small attempt for voicing the thoughts, in general, or sometimes about the society, motherhood, Relations, stories, happenings around the world, traditions, food, books or any day to day activity or any such random things which can be thought of.

So if you also have any stories or thoughts, bubbling inside you, come and share with me. I will publish it here. We can voice our thoughts together.


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