What if our life is a bank and each day of our lives, we deposit the memories through travel. What if we give our kids adventures not things… Shall have stories to tell not stuff to show. How beautiful than life would have become when we have nothing to lose.

I have been fortunate enough to have a family who travels frequently thanks to my husband’s transferable job. Travelling never took a back seat for us even with our little munchkins who are 2 and 7 years now.

While traveling with kids of any age may seem tiresome and daunting but believe me, if you plan, with little preparation your journey could end up even better than the destination.

Here are some tips and hack which we always follow before taking any road trips :

1. Planning

Before hitting the road, plan, and map out the journey. Calculate the number of hours the journey might take, and decide the pitstops. Get a realistic picture and keep a few hours handy for any emergencies. Leaving early morning has always worked out for us, bright long day help drive safely especially for a 6+ hours journey.

2. Packing

Making a list can make your life less stressful. make a checklist of things to keep handy depending upon the age of your children. Extra clothes, diapers, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a small tool kit including a scissor, knife, disposable bags for garbage, disposable plates, and cutlery essentials, paper napkins, hand towels are some of the items which are the basic and always come as a default.

3. Book prior accommodation

Don’t give surprise to your children and yourself by booking the accommodation on the spot which may turn out to be a nightmare because the messy bed and dirty bathrooms can spoil all the fun and will leave you exhausted. If you are doing a break journey and covering the distance in 2-3 days, then book prior accommodation at every stop/city. Rested kids are always less cranky.

4. Stock up the food

I will always recommend keeping lots of dry snacks for on the go as it creates less mess. Dry fruits, banana chips, fruit, cakes, individually wrapped sandwiches, and parantha are some of my favorites. Keep the formula milk handy in case traveling with infants. Munching on snacks keeps the kids busy and distracted at least for a couple of hours.

5. Entertainment

It is very hard to make kids sit in one place for long hours, so one has to keep all the options ready. I usually ask my kids to pack their backpack with toys of their choice. I always keep a small diary for my elder one so that she can write whatever things she were seeing on the way. Colors, drawing sheets, storybooks, audiobooks, and tablets with their favorite movie will always help to kill the time.

6. Manage car sickness

Never forget to keep some basic medicines, antiseptics, and bandages for long travels and never stuff or force your kids to eat if they don’t want to though keep them hydrated. Don’t panic if your child was feeling unwell, a good sleep always does wonders. 

7. Patience

Kids are unpredictable, so no matter how much you plan there may be chances that some emergencies may occur, there might be a potty emergency or they just want to get off or anything. So first keep yourself cool to handle many situations. Second, you can always join the kids at the backseat for some part of the trip and play with them.