While my stay in Goa, I was searching the internet to get some information about the villages in Goa, it was then I came across this amazing gem in north Goa – far from the beaches and crowds situated by the backwaters of Mapusa river, lies a sleepy little village named Aldona.

Next Day, We hired a Cab and head towards this lovely place which is situated at a distance of 21 Km from Panjim. Laced with beautiful surroundings, vast open meadows this typical Goan village is the house of historic churches, cemetery, and traditional Portuguese homes. Laying at the backseat I forgot the preconceived notions about Goa and mesmerized by the simple laid back life of Aldona. The place is so beautiful- its tranquility and contentment away from the urban life bring you closer to your life.


As I walked past the roads, I noticed that most of the houses are traditional; they are made of mud and stones with thatched roofs. The roofs seem to be covered with creepers of vegetables which looks so pretty.Warm hearty locals, surprising natural charms, and a unique slow-paced lifestyle are the most unforgettable experience.


Next, we visited the local Church and Cemetary which were painted in pristine white. The gate of this Cemetary has written the ultimate truth of life which says it all in Konkani – AIZ MAKA FALEA TUKA  means “Today me, tomorrow you”. I stopped at this place for a while – a place where the dead rest.



So next time whenever you visit this coastal paradise, ditch the regular beaches, lazying at shacks, water sports and everything else that Goa is generally famous for. Instead, cuddle up in the lap of nature and enjoy each and every sound of silence of this little village. Spend the evenings walking down the picturesque roads, admiring the surroundings that lead to the Church. Rest up a little at the cemetery and offer a small prayer. Hogged onto some hot and spicy vada pav with hot chai/tea at any small stall and let loose yourself and drift away with the moment for a while.img_20170127_111819


We stayed till the evening and watched every nook and corner of this small village in awe.
This was my first trip to Goa but most certainly not the last. And, I sincerely hope to visit this place again to find pleasure in pathless woods, to the lonely shores and in quest for aimlessness.