I am a mountain lover who if given an option will always choose mountains, greenery and the zephyr over the sea and would never get bored of hills. But sometimes all you need is to feel the sun, sand, and sea and believe me it feels that it cures all the things and worries in the life. Well, maybe not all but at least it gives an illusion that everything gonna be ok just in time. Right? It gives life a new hope and a new perspective.

The past one month I have been very lazy, I have not written anything and what I did was just reading,  reading  and reading. See my BookShelf.                                                                  The lazy me always took over the active me (that’s the excuse I always give to myself) and thought  I should go to the nearest beach (which is not that near, though) to get some dose of vitamin SEA. So I went to the Virgin beach which is around 110 km from Jamnagar towards the Dwarka highway. Virgin in a sense because it is not at all crowded and a little bit is hidden.


After an hour of drive, I reached there and took a deep breath to inhale some fresh air, standing on the golden sand, slippers in my hand and jeans rolled up to the knees, I squinted and drank in the sight of waves. The turquoise blue water of Arabian sea was caressing my feet playfully. I walked by the barren coastline gazing at the infinite horizon. This is the nth time, I have visited this virgin beach, and every time I felt so fresh and rejuvenated.


I sat on the beach, it was a low tide but the waves can still be seen rising high and low rhythmically. I collected some seashells for my daughter who was so excited to see so much water all around. I watched her in fascination as she tried to make the sand castle. I lay down closed my eyes to soak in the surroundings, the temperature was dropping now and  can felt the coolness of the autumn breeze. A very thin layer of salt was soon covered our skins. We played, built castles, get ourselves wet, laughed ,wrote our names on the sand, collected seashells and took a stroll by the seaside together hearing the sounds of waves crashing against the shores.



My sight was interrupted by a fisherboy who did multiple attempts to try his luck to catch some fishes. He checked his fishing-net and bait  for the last & final attempt before calling a day off. A flash of disappointment showed on his face, I went and asked if I can try my hands on the net ? he smiled and agreed happily probably knowing it’s not the fishes I was after. I made a mental note to keep calm in every situation and bid goodbye to him.

we spent hours without noticing the sun was about to set, the sky was now changing its colour highlighting the transition from day to night. I breathe in deeply and threw apart my arms one last time grasping the empty air and walked back in the fading light of the day realising its time to return. Time to go back home 🙂


Have you ever felt the days are so monotonous and you too need a dose of some kind of vitamin  to push yourself?

Well, I would love to hear and thanks for stopping by 🙂