It was my Second last day in Madrid or rather say in Spain, the Last day I had kept for my shopping Spree. In my 09 Day trip to Spain, I had been to Marbella, Malaga, Fuengirola, and Madrid, I walked till my legs ached and begged me to stop, I hopped from one pretty street to another, and took numerous buses, taxis, and metros. In this course, one of my friends suggests taking a day trip to Segovia from Madrid  and m glad that he did.

Getting to Segovia 

Taking a day trip Segovia is quite easy and there are numbers of buses and trains available. The AVE High-speed train took only half an hour to cover a distance of 90 Kms . Once you reach the Segovia train station, again you have to take a bus as the main town is still 6-7 Km away.

Another option which I opted was to take Bus. It took just an Hour and  cost you around 14 Euros for a return journey. The bus will drop you to the nearest site of world’s famous Roman Aqueduct from where you can cover this pretty city just by walk.

What to see in amazingly beautiful Segovia

The Aqueduct

It was a windy day, and as soon as we got down from the bus, a massive and beautiful structure ‘The Grand Roman Aqueduct’ welcomed us.This masterpiece of Grand Roman Architecture was standing tall and silent across the length of the town reminding people of the glorious Roman era.The majestic arches, impressive construction makes it stand out and definitely a showstopper of Segovia.

I walked around and admired its beauty  in awe. It has 167 Arches made up of granite stone, the mortar/Cementless foundation was built in 1st century AD. The stones were precisely cut to transmit and bear the load in a perfect equilibrium which is still standing proudly. Isn’t great? I climbed the stairs to the city walls for a better distant and over the top view.IMG20160720152940.jpg



The Cathedral

From the Aqueduct, we climbed the stairs and head towards the pretty but deserted streets roaming and admiring the beauty and decorations of buildings. Don’t worry the city is so cute and there are tourist information boards all around in English and Spanish which has all the information and routes.

After walking few Kms comes a square of Plaza mayor which is a small market area from where you can buy pretty stuff and souvenirs. It further led to marvelous Gothic style Cathedral which has spectacular exterior. A 3 euro ticket led us inside which too was very beautiful with huge carved ceiling and colorful stained glass windows. 

Plaza Mayor
The Cathedral

Alzcázar – The Castle

From there I walked along the sides of Cathedral and kept going, past the Witchcraft Museum until I reached the Alzcázar, the third and major site of the day.                                     In front of my eyes stood a gorgeous structure directly from the land of the fairy tale. I have never seen any castle before so was overjoyed and giggled like never before. Situated at the top of a hill with an amazing view, it took my breath away. It is said that this Alcazar is a source of inspiration to Walt Disney, and where Queen Isabel promised Columbus the financial backing he needed to discover America.

Alcazar : The Castle


The stunning view from top of the Hill

The day is about to end as we come back to the town and was dying of hunger. We munched on some chips and local sweet delicacies before heading towards the bus to back to Madrid. UNESCO has declared Segovia a world heritage site. With its famous Roman aqueduct and a stunning castle,Segovia is perhaps the most interesting of the day trips from Madrid. I loved each and every minute of being in this charming and peaceful city.

Which all Day trips you have been to and took from Madrid. Would love to know about it.