Marbella, a coastal town situated at the Costa del sol part of southern Spain. Marbella is the synonym for its paparazzi, money, class apart gentry, Ferraris, exotic bars, and splendid private yachts. This is the only reason that initially, I was quite reluctant to visit this place as I was on a budget trip and thought I can’t afford to be there but actually, it’s all lies. Marbella is beautiful, endearing and full of Spanish charm and I never knew that I will fall for it at first sight.

I with my friend took an overnight bus from Madrid and reached Marbella early morning after a 7 hours bus journey. After reaching the bus station, we took a local taxi to reach Puerto Banus port few kms away which was our home for the next three days. A typical day starts late as Spanish people seem not in a hurry at all so without further delay we also dived onto our beds for a quick nap so that we can explore the Moorish charm  of this town as soon as their day starts.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus, one of Spain’s most famous marinas, a house of high-end yachts.  All lined up alongside the best designer boutiques and outlets of Porsches, Prada and Armani. Then there are miles of sandy beaches, lovely old baronial quarter all dressed in white , long rows of palm trees all of which have kept their unusual charm. People walking with their poodles are a common sight.IMG20160715230156 IMG20160714132503

IMG20160714132708Just a minute walk from Puerto Banus beach and it led to a local flea market which is the major highlight. There are lots and lots of shop and one can find nearly anything under the sun at this street market. I found this place good for buying souvenirs, local handicraft, clothes jewelry and much more. Though the shops were pricey, but no one charges for window shopping. 🙂

Local Flea Market


Marbella city and old Town

Marbella is easy to get around either on foot or by local taxi. There is a regular bus service between Puerto Banus and Marbella city.There are lots and lots to see and to do in this beautiful city. Lots of shops to window shop, street performers to watch, cafe and tapas to taste, beautiful houses to admire and last but not the least the charm of old Marbella town to soak in.

As soon as I hit the streets of this old town and passed through colorful buildings, I could see the various bright flowers entangling and climbing high dressing up the old buildings and houses beautifully and small windows were peeping out from nowhere. Tables and chairs spilled out into the pathways, to form a mini hub which urging me to browse the menus. We spent hours walking without any map, breathing in the Spanish atmosphere unknowing where the next street would take us but believe me every street and corner has something unique to offer.





As the evening falls, it is getting more lively. People can be seen in best of their dress and pretty ladies in their best attire and gowns. live music can be heard in restaurants. All you need to do is to grab a corner with a can of beer or a glass of wine and just flow with the slow yet vibrant Spanish life at least for a while.

If you are planning to visit Spain, I would suggest stopping over here. Trust me it is worth a visit and if you have already been there, share your thoughts and experience with me.