As summers are approaching and kids are getting a break from their schools, you might also want the most awaited break from your mundane routine and dreaming of that long due vacation. While many choose to give a visit to grandparents or some relative’s house while some might choose to travel to their favorite destination.
With the technology boom, and the growing internet era, with a single click of your finger, you will get all the desired information which surely is a bliss for many as there are so many travel sites, which has come up like mushrooms and dominating the market and let you decide where you could go, give suggestions, book tickets for you and plan everything for you.. But still planning a travel itinerary can be nerve wracking and irksome as it includes choosing a location, how to get there, budget, availability of tickets, booking of hotels / accomodation, nearby resturents / shop / hotspots, tourist attractions….blah blah blah and the list goes on ..
So here I have come up with some suggestions and list before you travel to make your task a bit easy. Though you can always trust the travel websites but there should be some homework done before you step out of the comfort of your home sweet home.
  • Choosing a location – This is the first and foremost point of consideration that what kind of place do you want to visit. Take the suggestion from every member of the family, Place should be somewhere; every age group can enjoy and has something to do. It can be a leisure holiday, an adventurous holiday, Beach holiday, wildlife and safaris, History and culture as per your interest. Sometimes it is easier to find the right holiday by choosing the type of trip you’re looking for, rather than going for a destination first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • How to get there – My hunger of wandering the ‘on route’ destinations led me to drive down most of the times. But everyone is not comfortable driving long hours. So better search for the most approachable and comfortable way to reach the chosen destination.


  • Budget – Flight prices can put a dent in your holiday budget. So compare the prices in the various website before booking. Apart from comparing try booking in advance. You can use search engines which allow you to adjust your dates as per the availability of cheap fare on those dates. You Just have to put the destination and tentative dates and google will search the best option available with the best price for you with its prediction algorithm.                                                                                        

  • Travel – If you are traveling by train, book your tickets in advance or take tatkal tickets. Check your PNR status and track the current status of a train through various apps available.

  • Bookings – Travel can be a pitfall and could be ruined and go wrong by stinking hotel room, stained washrooms, overpriced or some tourist trap. Check on the internet about the room prices, visit the hotel gallery, check the restaurant and check in-out timings. Advance bookings can save time , money as well as last minutes hassles.

  • Packing – How and what to pack plays an important role in your travel. Do consider the weather of your destined place. Some basics include having an extra pair of everything be it clothes, undergarments, socks, shorts, sleepwear etc, medicines are must if children are coming along on a trip, multipurpose knife, hand sanitizer, sunblock, flats/sneakers/heels, an extra bag in case you are in a mood to shop, stash some extra cash, emergency contacts, and address.

  • Food – Be open minded and always give a try to something new as it is the best part of enjoying the new place and its local cuisines. Ditch a fancy restaurant and taste a bit of everything, you can ask local people about the authentic place to crave your taste buds.

  • Tourist attraction – Don’t get trapped with the local guides who charges much, fools and promises you to roam around. Do your homework, check out on the internet, take recommendations from localities and keep the map handy.

These are the some of the travel tips, but to conclude take lots of pictures, make memories, smile and laugh, meet new people, observe and imbibe, be humble, break out your comfort zone, walk as much as you can and remember that the world is so beautiful so travel and have fun, be like child open your arms, embrace the breeze, don’t regret and last but not the lease do share your travel tips…the space is all yours!!!