Diu, a tiny island linked by a bridge to Gujarat’s southern coast and holds the remains of Portuguese history. It is a union territory and tenth least populated district of India.
I love the clear blue sky, the chirping of birds, deep blue Sea water all around, deserted roads…No noise to disturb the tranquility of the place. Diu holds all these true, so serene and calm, truly an unforgotten Portuguese paradise that will definitely make you fall in love with. It is one of the undiscovered gems of India where the sun, sea and sky meet in harmony.
As someone once said, the world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page!!!

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I planned to visit this magical and beautiful island in one of the long weekends, Diu is around 310 km from Jamnagar and is the only place near the teetotaller Gujarat with perfect picturesque locations, where liquor is not banned. People come here to party hard and booze.
It took around 6 hours for us to reach there and as soon as I entered the city, the first impression of this place on me was very quiet, untarnished and unstained. Though the place is a major tourist destination, you won’t found it much crowded. I found myself completely lost in its empty roads, laid-back ambiance and untouched coastlines with no another soul in sight.
After reaching our destination and freshening up, we took a drive down the town in search of some good food joint near Bandar chawraha. You will get some good restaurants here where you can enjoy food with light music and soft cool breeze. After finishing the dinner I took a stroll beside the beach and spent some time lying on the sand and gazing starts feeling the fresh zephyr around .I let myself soak in the charms of this virgin land.
Next morning I head towards some most visited tourist places in and around Diu:

1.Gangeshwar Temple: Situated in the midst of rocks on the seashore, this small temple, definitely took your breath away. It is believed that Pandavas during their exile worshiped lord Shiva here. You can see five Shiv Lingas in different sizes. During high tides, all the shiv Lingas get submerged in water as if the sea waves are offering its prayer to lord Shiva. This temple has its own mystic aura.

2.St. Paul’s Church: The Outer structure of this church is quite huge and attractive, and gives a glimpse of Portuguese architecture. This church is around 400 years old and said to construct in 16th Century. This Portuguese church would definitely a treat for history and architecture lovers.
3.Diu Museum: I was seriously disappointed after seeing the condition of this museum. Very badly preserved. An old church has been converted into a museum but nothing much to see and the building itself is in very bad shape.
4.Diu Fort: This massive structure stands still on the shore of Arabian Sea like a guard of the island. With its huge stone structure, this place transports you to the royal era of gallant soldiers. One can easily take 2.5 to 3 hours to roam around it completely. The fort has a working jail which I was dying to visit, but unfortunately, visitors are not allowed in that area.
This fort housed some age old cannons and armories and provides the spectacular view of the sea. There is a lighthouse in one portion of the fort which provides you an opportunity to click some selfies and snaps. You can take your own time to explore this fort.

The fort is quite neatly maintained, no entry fee and the fort is open from morning 8 Am till 5 Pm in the evening.

5.Naida Caves: These are the most unique and beautiful caves and a delight for the explorers. It is a huge underground kind of cave network where the Portuguese used to hack out their building material. You can find the big rocky structure wrapped by the tree roots which looks amazing. A good place for photography.

6.INS Khukri Memorial: A beautiful memorial at a beautiful place which gives you a mixed feeling of proud, sadness and respect. Built in the memory of naval officers and sailors who bravely choose to go down when their ship was attacked by a Pakistan submarine on 1971 during INDO-PAK war.
Khukri is the only ship lost in combat in the history of the Indian Navy. She was sunk off the coast of Diu. Over 18 officers and 176 sailors were lost in the sinking. You can find their names engraved on a wall who has lost their life and are the biggest example of bravery and loyalty.
7.Nagoa Beach: This place is to relax and chill with your loved ones. Various water sports activities are available on this beach. You can find many beach resorts nearby and can enjoy the serenity of the surroundings with the intoxicating sea breeze.
Diu is a place where you can find the magnificent blend of Gujarati and Portuguese life and culture. People here are so colorful, fun-loving and friendly who keeps their heritage alive. Diu is an island treat which offers you undisturbed peace and an unusual holiday. Honestly,  I like every nook and corner of this small town.