Home is where my heart is… it means exactly how it reads. To me my home is where my roots belong, my parents live, where I have seen my childhood, growing up days, where I have fond memories of playing and fighting with my siblings. A home where I have all the liberty to be myself and not trying to pretend or impress anyone else but myself… A home where when I walk, I feel peace, I feel safe, no worries, a place where you always welcomed and wanted.
I was born and brought up in a small district town Hoshangabad situated on the banks of river Narmada. My father shifted his base from UP to here due to his job. Unlike my other blogs I am not recommending anything here but just taking a stroll down memory lane!!!
I can’t go back to the days I was born but recalling those wonderful days always brings a smile on my face J .Now as I have grown up I still miss those days and will always cherish the days spent with my siblings playing around in our house. The beauty of a small town, where I belong to is every third person knows you directly or indirectly.
The only outings those times were going to the banks of River Narmada, attending the evening Aarthi, sitting ideally on the Sethani Ghats for hours watching water flowing in the reverse direction and watching small ferry walas crossing the river. School Picnic then meant going to Admgadh Pahadi or Tawa Resort, eating out meant having masala dosa or Chinese in Osheen or Rimjim Restaurants that too only during anniversaries or birthdays. Options were limited that time but still we enjoyed and were happy with no regrets and complaints.  
The SPM colony where we celebrated all the festivals with utmost joy, be it Diwali, Holi or Narmada Jayanti where the ghat attains the festive look when people from far cities, town or villages came every year to celebrate. Different types of earthen diyas were floated in the river and the whole place enlighten with its light as if the dark sky with millions of stars itself has come down to earth to give its blessings.
Oh!! I sometimes so much miss my childhood , My school, My childhood friends, my teachers, my neighbors, my colony ,my summer vacations… No matter how far I have gone but this place will always hold a special place in my heart where I have spent my precious childhood!!!
But as it says uprooting  is a  harsh truth of  life ,but often ,people are forced to leave their homes and relocate and left behind were the most precious memories of life.
No matter where I go in the future,my roots will always be there where I became me- a Confident ,strong and independent person and I know that I can always come home. After all, home is where the heart is.