Murthal’s Paratha 
It was a long weekend or more precisely that week was ending with 3 days consecutive holidays on the occasion of Bakri-Eid including weekly sat-sun off. I was checking Facebook on my Smart phone when it started buzzing, a call from my dear sister whose birthday was falling round the corner, after some usual chit chat and rejecting many places as an option for her birthday bash, we finally decided to go to Murthal which is on NH1 Highway towards Haryana to have some lip smacking food. Till now I have only heard of Murthal and about its famous Dhabahs which offered verities of food and majorly famous for its Stuffed Parantha (Indian bread) but have never got a chance to visit until now, thanks to my dear sister who took us there to celebrate her birthday.
Where the Delhi’s Crowd goes on weekends? Umm may be nearby weekend gateways or may be some just resting at home? (Nahh… not likely), may be Malls, clubs or may be Sarojini, Janpath type market place. Why I am guessing this because it was comparatively less crowded on roads and surprisingly we had not got struck into any traffic jams that evening on our way to Murthal. We had travelled a good distance of around 75 Kms from Delhi to reach this place.
As soon as we reached the outskirts of Delhi, we found an array of resorts, and beautiful wedding banquet halls. After crossing Delhi, clusters of dhabahs can be seen on both the sides of road. These are not the usual dhabahs where you sit under the sky on charpaies but properly built AC dhabha with large parking space. One can find many famous joints like Gulshan ka dhaba, jhilmil, Ahuja, Sukhdev etc. We choose to halt at Sukhdev’s.
The Famed eatery was founded by sardar Prakash Singh in 1956 mainly to cater the needs of truck drivers. Now it is being looked after by his two Sons Amrik and Sukhdev Singh. It is a major landmark on the GT road, known far and wide for its matchless recipes, faultless service and clean ambience to relax & rejuvenate. Initially only simple fare of meal was served but over the years as the patronage grew, they have included everything from North Indian to South Indian food and Chinese to Continental in their menu. I spoke to one of the Boy who was busy serving orders said, this eatery opened daily round the clock for 24 hours and they worked in 12 hours shifts. Despite of so much crowd and 24 hours service, this place was very neat and clean and highly maintained. Washrooms too were very clean and built with granite stone equipped with electric hand dryer.
They have a three part sitting arrangement, first is the outermost which was the self service zone where people can sit and enjoy snacks items, meal was not served here. Second, no air-conditioned zone which was packed to its capacity and you have to wait to grab the empty table. The third was air-conditioned sitting though there is no price or rates difference in all three.

Ppl waiting for an empty table

As it was a pleasant evening, we sat in a non AC zone. After grabbing our table we had ordered Paneer tikka, all verities of stuffed Parantha (Aalu pyaz, paneer and mix veg parantha) and Sweet Lassi. The Parantha which came were not the usual fried ones, but the tandoor Parantha with dollops of homemade white butter over it which was so heavenly in taste. I found paneer and aalu pyaz parantha much better than the mix veg one. The paneers in paneer tikka were very thick and properly barbequed dipped in green chutney surrounded with pieces of tomato and capsicum and was literally yummy and unmatched. Service was quick and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Tandoor Paranthe with White Butter
The interesting thing is that most of the dhabahs in that area are pure vegetarian and does not sell non -veg and not even eggs may be because the word Murthal is originated from the compound word ‘Muni Sthal’ meaning a place where saints meditated. This place is a vegetarians’ paradise and makes it a must visit.