Dwarka Dham 

I found myself quite fasinated towards the Indian mythology, so many stories, so many gods and godess and rituals to follow ,all this amazed  me, and this curiosity of mine led me to Dwaraka, Land of  lord Krishna. 
Dwarka, is one of the foremost Chardham (four sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites). The  ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna and is believed to have been the first capital of Gujarat.

I started my journey to Dwarka from Jamnagar which is just 150 km from it .Dwarka falls within the district of Jamnagar, and is in the state of Gujarat. Jamnagar is famous for the massive refineries and petrochemical plants run by the Tata, Reliance, and Essar groups.

On this route, road runs parallel to sea and one can see many windmills which is a treat to watch. Roads are very smooth and good.

 I visited in the month of April which is quite hot, so would suggest to visit during winters that is during Jan – Mar and Oct-Dec. Very light winter clothing would require that too in the evenings.
Places to Visit

  1. Dwarkadhish Temple – Situated in the heart of city. Dwarka is a small town with narrow lanes one of the lanes led to this temple. You have to deposit all your belongings to a locker room ,no mobile phones are allowed.
  2. Bet Dwarka – located on an island. It is said that lord Krishna met his beloved old friend Sudama here hence named Bet Dwaraka. Many boats and ferries run between dwarka and bet dwarka charging from Rs 10 to 1500(private) and took a good 20-25 mins to reach the destination through sea.
  3. Nageshwar Temple – it is one of the 12 jyotirlings in india. A very 25 meters high Shiva statue placed in the Temple premises
  4. Bhatkeshwar Temple – Lord Shiva’s temple in the middle of the sea connected via small bridge. It also has Small chopati. Awesome Location, Natural Beauty. Visit during Sunset Time. Strategically located amidst the Sea
  5. Hanuman Dandi Temple – This Temple is situated around 5 km from Bet Dwarka. This temple has been built at the place where Hanuman and his son Makardhwaj met. The Hanuman Dandi Temple is the only temple in the whole India which has idols of Hanuman and his son Makardhwaj. Cycle rickshaws, horse carts, auto rickshaws and buses are available from the town to travel to the famous Hanuman Dandi Temple.
I loved the legends behind the below two places , our driver narrated these stories

  1. Gopi Talabone legend for gopi talab(pond ) says, gopikas are in very much in love with lord krishna and offered their lives to the soil of this pond, merged into the soil hence turned into yellow clay, known as gopi chandan.
  2. Rukmani Temple – for this temple, the legend also narrated by the main priest, it says once lord Krishna and his wife Rukmani went to invite Durvasha Rishi(sage) at dwaraka, while coming back with the rishi, thirsty Rukmani asked for water, Lord krishna pulled out the stream of water with his leg thumb under the earth and drank water without offering or asking to durvasha rishi. So insulted rishi cursed Rukmanithat she would be seperated from her beloved husband.hence rukmani temple is situted few Kms away from the main Dwarkadhish temple.
Temple timings:
Both Major temples dwarkadhish and bet Dwarka closes by 1 PM and 12:30 PM respectively and will open again at 4:30 in the evening till 7 PM.

Ancient History Associted with Dwarka

Lord Krishna defeated and killed his uncle” Kansa ” and established the city of Dwarvati( now called Dwarka)  to escape from the repeated attacks by his uncle Kansa’s father-in-law “Jarasandha “.

It is said that Lord Krishna ordered Vishwakarma, a celestial Architect  to built Dwarka city for him to settle his Yadav Vansh.However, Vishwakarma says that the task can be completed only if Samudradev, the Lord of the sea provided some land. Shri Krishna worshipped Samudradev, who was pleased and gave them land measuring 12 yojans and the Lord vishwakarma build Dwaraka, a “city in gold”.

Interesting Fact
It is said that inspite of having so many wives and sons, there were none to perform last rites for lord krishna.Well this answers the doubt of karma, that it does not spare any, even if you are the supreme lord himself!!

The story of Mahabharata illustrates the modern understanding of butterfly effect! when the pestle was thrown into the water, it caused a big wave (Tsunami) , the oceans rose and submerged the whole of Dwaraka leading to the destruction of the entire Yadava Clan!

 “ According to Vishnu Purana – Dwaraka was submerged by the sea right after the death of Lord Krishna.”