To connect with one another, its very important to know each other so here let me introduce myself.. I am yet another girl trying to figure out my existence in this beautiful world !!!

A Software professional who, after sitting behind the computer for 8 long years has now left her job and converted a full-time mother of a beautiful daughter.. yes this is me now-
a stay at home Mother…!!!

I’ve always enjoyed traveling. Some of my fondest memories from childhood were holidaying with my parents & siblings. when I was little… I used to think that the moon followed my car,  watching raindrops rolling down the window pane and pretending it was a race or doing so many crazy things.

As I have grown up I still cherish those memories.Being a wife of  a defense personal, I got the opportunity to visit many places and to travel a lot ,to see a lot.

Travel and nostalgia are one of the best ways to celebrate the journey. After all, travel is not about the number of trips …we made , but it is about the number of memories we capture, the number of people we meet and try hard to remember them.
So stay connected friends. I am here to share my experiences of each city I visit. Let Fancy and fantasies about and then I must tell you about those places.

Manu  🙂
like to be a free spirit..!!